System Details:

  • Applicable Target: Community Center, Activity Center, Elderly Center, Children and Youth Center, Homes for the Aged
  • Website: https://booking.cloud-design.hk
  • Functions:
    - User and Permission Management
    - Activity Centers Management
    - Activity Management
    - Room Management
    - Bookings Function
    - Schedule Function
    - CSV, Excel and Print Function
    - Search and Sorting Function
    - Compatible with mobile device

Client/System Description:

Due to the fact that the elderly centers, community centers and youth centers have held a number of interest classes, groups and lectures daily. In order to improve the efficiency of room booking and reduce the transcript errors, we released our online booking system which is designed in the principle of "Activity Oriented" since 2010, it is convenient and can be effectively arrange of the activities of the room. This system is deeply loved by the units of HK Caritas Elderly Services.

The system does not have to install on a computer, using a web browser will be able to operate. It features user management and event management functions, the staff can be in accordance with each activity to check the reservation situation, booking anytime and anywhere.


If you want to get more details, please go to the product website:

- Features: https://booking.cloud-design.hk/home/index/en#FeatureSection
- Pricing: https://booking.cloud-design.hk/home/index/en#PriceSection
- Contact: https://booking.cloud-design.hk/home/index/en#ContactSection

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