Project Details:

  • Client: Grey Matter Design LTD
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Category: Product Design
  • Backend: Ionize CMS
  • Website: http://greymatterdesign.com.hk/

Client Description:

Charlie was born in the United Kingdom, and studied Consumer Product Design at Coventry University. He has worked in Paris, Eindhoven, London and Hong Kong for a number of leading CE brands. With a focus of Consumer electronics he has experience and knowledge of a wide range of product categories including, Mobile phone, Audio, Wearables, Televisions, and Connected Homes. In 2014 he set up Grey Matter Design Limited based in Hong Kong, and in 2016 is now full-time consulting/freelancing for his company.

As a product designer with over fifteen years’ experience of corporate and consultancy design, Charlie has an understanding of the requirements and needs of client and end user. Combined with the understanding of manufacturing, materials, and technology, means he is able to create well considered designs that importantly can be made. Able to assist in all the design stages, ideation, refinement and support during production stage.

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